College Admissions Program

Connecting nationwide Arts & Design institutions to Dynamic Girls seeking higher education

We work with the admissions departments of local and national Arts & Design institutions to offer increased visibility and admissions access to at-risk girls.

Socioeconomic status is as much a barrier for entry in higher education, as it is in a career in the Creative Industries. By statistical evidence, women of color are disproportionately affected by socioeconomic status, with more than half of all low wage jobs filled by women of color. This is largely due to two factors, lack of financial access to higher education and lack of adequate workplace training in higher income generating industries.

We want to change this narrative from both sides- providing access to arts programs and providing workplace training for commercial arts and design based careers.

Our pilot admissions program is presented in partnership with UCLA’s Media Arts department, with immediate plans to expand into Arts Programs nationwide. We welcome your school’s participation, and encourage you to reach out to connect with us.