Our Program

Dynamic Girls launched a pilot program in Los Angeles with New Village Girls Academy; initiating a pipeline to increase socioeconomic diversity within the Creative Industries.


Access to options

Opening the door to opportunity starts with listening, learning and teaching.

Our first step in connecting with a community is listening to the workforce needs of it’s youth. The second step is leading an industry awareness initiative with our participant schools. This engagement offers students valuable information regarding the roles, rates of pay and expectations associated with the many careers available in the Creative Industries. A key reason any group is under-represented in an industry is due to a lack of exposure and access to that industry; which we strive to change. Through these critical initial steps, we can work together to create a pipeline to success, hope and new opportunities.

Connect and inspire

Mentorship is the cornerstone of our mission.

Dynamic Girls works to connect students with a passion for a certain field of study, with appropriate mentors in the industry who can help them develop a useable skill set. Through our mentorship or instruction programs, you could ignite a lifelong passion, and change the path of someone’s life.

Teach real-life usable skills

Women’s economic equality is good for business.

Through Dynamic Girls’ mentorship and instruction programs, students get first hand experience and access to industry standard tools that build applicable skills. Learning through application and instruction is critical to a successful experience in the Creative Industries, and we are excited to be able to offer these opportunities through the generosity of our Sponsors and Mentors.