Become a Mentor

Mentorships are offered as a semester long internship program, approximately 12 weeks in total. The girls receive school credit toward graduation when they complete two hours of on the job training, two days per week with their mentor.

Typically, internships are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-3 pm, but depending on the schedule of the intern selected, this can be restructured. The school provides your intern with a TAP card, and she is responsible for getting herself to and from her internship, just as she would a real job.

As a mentor, you will work closely with the girl’s advisor to work out the weekly schedule, get approval for any out of office experiences/ excursions, and to arrange any additional transportation if needed.

At the end of the semester, your intern will apply your training and advice toward a 45 minute long presentation answering their year long “essential question.” This is a self reflective question they have committed to answering at the beginning of the year, and the presentation helps them think critically about what they have learned in their internship. We encourage you to work closely with your mentee during this process; offer advice and attend their school presentation. It is one of the most rewarding moments of the mentor/ mentee relationship.


Become a Classroom Instructor

We provide leaders in the Creative Industry an opportunity to Mentor in a structured classroom setting with a small group of students. Ongoing semester’s long classroom instruction is suggested, as it creates a project based curriculum that the girls will be able to see specific skill building through, from start to finish; however, one day lectures/ instruction in a specific field of expertise is also welcome.

For ongoing classroom mentorship, a small group of girls (typically 3-5) will meet with you at a specified time each week typically Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1-3pm for a two hour class. This is a time where you can talk about your industry experience, give one on one or group training and work toward the semester group project outcome.

Field trips are encouraged, and are a particularly engaging part of classroom instruction. For instance, if you are a Stylist you may want to take a group to a showroom to instruct how to pull; a Prop Stylist may take a group to a Prop House; a Photographer may take a group to a studio or EQ house; Producers may take a group location scouting.

In order to be a classroom instructor, we ask that you submit a livescan background check through the Dept of Social Services to ensure your eligibility to work with minors. We offer liability insurance coverage, both through Dynamic Girls and through New Village Girls Academy.

Join us in teaching valuable skills!


Become a Sponsor

Are you a company in the Creative Industry that has resources to share?

Just as the Creative Industry relies on collaboration in order to complete a project, we rely on the generosity of corporate sponsorships to facilitate our programs.

Sponsorship examples include but are not limited to donations or access to; Digital and Film Cameras, Lenses, Lighting and Grip Equipment, Studio Access, Model’s time, Software Licenses, Product and Merchandise loans or donations, Industry reference books, etc.

Equipment and product donations or loans are covered under liability and damage insurance and kept in a secure space on campus with check-in/ out systems to track inventory.