Bring your creativity to the classroom

Our classroom initiative offers creative leaders an opportunity to connect and mentor a small group of students in a controlled classroom setting.

This is a great option for freelancers who may not have an office or studio available for individual internships, or for artists who enjoy a broader, project based structure.

Examples of this semester long program are weekly 2 hour sessions exposing students to the career path options of Editorial/ Advertising Photography, Wardrobe Styling, Retouching, Graphic Design, Photo Art Direction, Production, Set Design, Prop Styling, Camera Operating, Editing, Hair Styling, Makeup, etc. We will work with you to develop your syllabus and weekly curriculum based on your field of expertise, so you have measured deliverables to keep track of your student’s progress.

The upcoming semester’s group project will be an editorial photo shoot class; with a pre selected curriculum featuring high level instructors from the industry, who will break out the girls into small core groups to teach them each role’s responsibility and what it takes to make a photo shoot happen; from concept and execution, to retouching and final delivery.

Our industry program partners will generously donate studio time, photo equipment, digital equipment as well as talent, and our program donations will cover the wardrobe, props, and other hard costs.

This class will provide the girls with insight into the world of commercial photography, and critical skills such as budget management, accountability, teamwork and follow through. In addition, the girls will gain exposure to real world vendors, locations, accounting programs, retouching applications, etc.