Dynamic Girls is a Non Profit youth development program, focused on connecting girls from socioeconomically underserved communities with Brands and leaders in the Creative Industries. We offer opportunities through Mentorship, Classroom Learning, Job Placement and College Admissions Services.


Change through opportunity


Throughout my twenty years in fine art and commercial photography, I’ve been part of countless discussions with colleagues in the various creative industries; born out of a shared frustration in our professional inability to make a lasting positive difference in society.

Simultaneously, a lack of socio-economic diversity and leadership opportunity for women, and especially women of color in the creative fields is glaring; with a sense of urgency in needed change.

My own experience breaking into the industry reflects the difficulty presented by some of these key issues facing our youth. Growing up in poverty; I lacked the financial ability to pursue higher education. As a result, I missed the opportunities that follow the well-worn path of industry alumni connections and prestigious internships. Despite these setbacks, I was fortunate to have the support of incredible women mentors throughout my career. With their guidance, I was able to rise above and change my socioeconomic station, while contributing to the creative industry that I love.

It was at the peak of my career, that I was given my next challenge; when I was questioned by a Photographer who addressed the lack of diversity on my set. She discussed with me how I could personally work toward changing that on every set going forward, and that moment sparked an internal audit and awareness, which helped solidify my own promise to create real change in our industry.

In 2018, in a stroke of good fortune I was invited to Mentor a student at New Village Girl’s Academy, an all-girls charter high school serving the Rampart District; one of the most economically disadvantaged areas of Los Angeles. After working closely with my Mentee and the education team at NVGA, I was so inspired by the strength and success of the girls and their incredible internship program, that I decided to create a Non Profit that would offer immediate and long term opportunities to both our students and the Creative Industry.

We find ourselves at a pivotal point in the direction of our society; a time where a long and critical look at ourselves as an industry is required. By creating Dynamic Girls, we aim to address head-on the lack of available entry in creative careers for young women affected by economic disadvantage, as well as the lack of a true pipeline to socio-economic diversity in our own, traditionally privileged industry.

I’m excited to join these students in inspiring change as we launch our pilot program in 2019. I hope you will join us in partnership, as we create real and sustainable opportunities for these incredible, Dynamic Girls.

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Ruby Birns
Founder, Mentor

Our first mentees, and the inspiration for our program.

Our first mentees, and the inspiration for our program.